Inici » A unique musical experience in the Hypostyle Hall of the Sant Pau Modernist Complex

A unique musical experience in the Hypostyle Hall of the Sant Pau Modernist Complex

un grup de persones tocant instruments en una sala amb columnes i pilars al fons, amb columnes al fons, Alesso Baldovinetti, composició, un barroc flamenc, romànic

A welcoming atmosphere and enveloping music

The June 2nd concert in the Sala Hipòstila of the Sant Pau Modernist Complex offered a unique musical experience. With a low ceiling that provided a cozy atmosphere and a small-format chamber orchestra, without winds or percussion, the concert captivated the audience with a closer and more intimate atmosphere.

The Joventut Clàssica Orpheus (JCO) closed its 2nd season with a program entitled “Relive the Affetti”, with the aim of bringing classical music closer to the young audience. In this concert, they performed baroque pieces that arouse emotions in the listeners.

A journey through classical music

The concert program included several outstanding pieces. The first piece was Antonio Vivaldi’s Sonata Trio in D minor “La Foglia”, RV63.8, in a version for string orchestra. This piece captivated the audience with its great contrasts and repetitive harmony.

The second piece was Bach’s Concerto for Two Keys in C Minor BWV 1060. The interpretation was current and rejuvenated, using two pianos instead of the harpsichord. The young pianists Eduard Velasco and Xavi de la Fuente demonstrated their technical mastery and expressiveness in this work.

The concert also included Estiu RV 315, from Vivaldi’s Four Seasons, a classical piece that stands out for its contrasts. The audience applauded enthusiastically at the end of the first movement, demonstrating their connection to the music.

The last piece on the program was Palladio by Sir Karl Jenkins, a concerto grosso inspired by the musical and architectural harmony of the classics. This work brought the classical style to the present day, with a touch of musical minimalism.

Un final memorable

As an encore, the orchestra performed Bach’s Gottes Zeit ist die allerbeste Zeit, BWV 106. This work is a classic that often ends JCO concerts. Director Xavier Pardo thanked the audience for their attendance and invited everyone to enjoy a wine and cavas tasting from Celler Can Pagès and Un Pam de Terra.

The concert was an opportunity to share the JCO’s vision of music with the audience. Like the stage layout, which allowed the performers to salute from three sides, there is no single point of view in classical music. What is universal are the emotions it awakens in all of us.

A season full of emotions

This concert was the final cadence of a season that revolved around affetti. The JCO has sought to revive classical music, bringing it closer to new generations. With projects like this, classical music continues to excite and connect with audiences.

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