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Audience Analysis and Performance of Prime Time Television Programs

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Prime Time Audience Results

Last night was marked by the broadcast of several television programmes during prime time, with varying results in terms of viewers and audience share.

TVE and Telecinco

During the night, TVE and Telecinco presented the finals of their respective talent shows. ‘MasterChef’ on TVE achieved a 15.1% audience share, attracting more than a million viewers. On the other hand, ‘Factor X’ on Telecinco only managed to convince 399,000 viewers, reaching a 5.5% audience share.

Antenna 3 and Four

Antena 3 maintained the loyalty of viewers with ‘Hermanos’, managing to attract 991,000 viewers and an 11.8% audience share. In addition, the special ‘Everything is a Lie’ about the Belorado schism had a good performance on Cuatro, reaching 611,000 viewers and a 7.7% share.

LaSexta and Other Channels

For its part, laSexta managed to convince some viewers with ‘The Box Office’, achieving a 6.1% audience share. Other channels such as Antena 3, Cuatro, Telecinco and laSexta also presented a variety of programs with diverse results in terms of audience and screen share.

Detailed analysis

Prime time audience data reflects the public’s preference for certain programs, as well as the ability of each channel to attract viewers. These results are fundamental for decision-making in television programming and planning future content.

In summary, last night demonstrated the diversity of preferences of the television audience, as well as the importance of offering attractive and varied content to keep viewers’ attention.

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