Inici » Complaints about Sexual Conversion Therapies in an Educational Center in Valencia

Complaints about Sexual Conversion Therapies in an Educational Center in Valencia

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The testimony of those affected

Five former students of the Madre Josefa Campos de Alaquàs center have reported to the Educational Inspection the conversion therapies that their teacher F. M. allegedly applied to homosexual students. One of her testimonies relates how the teacher offered her a pill ‘to cure homosexuality’.

Hugo, one of those affected, shares his traumatic experience, describing how the teacher tried to perform conversion therapy on him when he was 11 years old. These types of illegal practices extended for more than a decade, according to the complaint filed.

The terrible practices of the teacher

Professor F. M. took advantage of his position to interrogate students, trying to transform or eliminate their gender identity and sexual orientation. He used religious arguments and activities aimed at ‘correcting’ the students’ supposed sexual deviation, even going to the extent of offering them medication to treat their ‘problem’. These practices were carried out in private and without parental consent.

The victims relate how these terrible experiences caused them deep psychological damage, generating feelings of shame and self-hatred, and leaving consequences that last to this day.

Reaction of the educational center

The management team at the Madre Josefa Campos school has declared its ignorance of the reported incidents, and has undertaken to take action if they are confirmed, including opening a file on the teacher and filing a complaint with the courts. They also reaffirm their commitment to equality and respect for diversity.

Impact on those affected

The testimonies of those affected reveal the profound emotional and psychological impact that these practices had on their lives. Many of them continue in therapy to overcome the trauma and the feelings of shame and self-hatred that were instilled in them.

Inappropriate advice to parents

Professor F. M. also allegedly gave inappropriate advice to the parents of the victims, suggesting how to educate their children, which generated conflicts in some families.

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