Inici » Culinary experience in Pizzicato: Much more than a gastronomic restaurant

Culinary experience in Pizzicato: Much more than a gastronomic restaurant

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A fusion of culinary and musical art

In the musical field, the term pizzicato refers to the manual execution of a fragment in a piece performed with a bowed instrument. This same expression gives its name to the gastronomic restaurant located on the terrace of the Palau de la Música, where culinary art merges with the passion for good food.

The restaurant is located in the extension designed by architect Òscar Tusquets, during the rehabilitation of the emblematic Palau. With a privileged location in the city center and stunning views, Pizzicato offers a unique dining experience.

The talent behind the kitchen

Luciana Russo, an experienced Argentine chef with an outstanding career in haute cuisine, leads the Pizzicato culinary team. With a training that includes her time at renowned restaurants such as Martin Berasategui and Culler de Pau, Luciana brings her vision of Catalan tradition with an international touch to the restaurant’s dishes.

Its focus on simplicity and quality of ingredients is reflected in the restaurant’s new menu, which incorporates Latin influences and highlights the freshness of flavors through innovative culinary techniques.

A unique gastronomic experience

Pizzicato is distinguished by its focus on grilling, a culinary technique that shares roots with Latin American cuisine. From the subtle toasting of sourdough bread to the smokiness of roasted eggplant, grilling is a central element in creating elegant and exciting dishes.

The restaurant’s menu offers a variety of dishes with their own personality, such as ajoblanco with black garlic and cockles, steak tartar with marrow and capers, and tortilla cooked at low temperature with grilled octopus. These dishes surprise and delight diners with innovative and exquisite combinations of flavours.

Experiences for all tastes

In addition to its gastronomic offering, Pizzicato provides unique experiences to its diners. With a weekly changing lunch menu, the restaurant allows visitors to enjoy a selection of à la carte dishes and special creations. In the evenings, the culinary experience is complemented by a careful selection of wines that offers options for both fans of natural wines and lovers of classic references.

With a welcoming atmosphere and an exceptional gastronomic proposal, Pizzicato is an essential destination for lovers of good food and memorable culinary experiences.

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