Inici » Felipe and Letizia’s Wedding Anniversary: ​​20 Years of the Spanish Monarchy

Felipe and Letizia’s Wedding Anniversary: ​​20 Years of the Spanish Monarchy

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An Important Day for the Spanish Monarchy

Wednesday, May 22, marks a significant milestone for the Spanish monarchy, as it commemorates two decades since the marriage of Felipe and Letizia.

On this day, the kings have completely freed their agenda from institutional commitments, generating uncertainty about their plans. While some experts in the Royal Family suggest that their marriage is fractured and non-existent, others speculate that the institution will force them to appear together to dispel the rumors that arose as a result of Jaime del Burgo’s statements, which revealed an alleged infidelity.

The Support of Paloma Rocasolano

Paloma Rocasolano, Letizia’s mother, has been a fundamental pillar for the queen, providing her with support and advice in the midst of her difficulties.

It has been revealed that Felipe’s mother-in-law was aware of her daughter’s relationship with Jaime del Burgo, and even facilitated clandestine meetings in her attic in Madrid, with the aim of preserving Letizia’s happiness, although without giving up the associated privileges. to royalty. This situation completely transformed the lives of the Ortiz Rocasolano family.

A Marriage of Convenience

According to Maica Vasco, there is speculation about Felipe’s supposed sexual orientation, and it has been suggested that the royal marriage was a farce from the beginning, intended as a mutually beneficial cover. This situation would have allowed Letizia to relate to other men with Felipe’s consent.

This supposed agreement would have been extremely beneficial for the Ortiz Rocasolanos, especially for Paloma Rocasolano and the queen’s sister, Telma Ortiz.

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