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Felipe VI and Letizia: 10 years of reign

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A long-awaited anniversary

June 19, 2024 marks the tenth anniversary of the reign of Felipe VI and Letizia. After a long wait, the time has finally come to celebrate this historic milestone. During these ten years, the kings and their daughters, Princess Leonor and Infanta Sofía, have been protagonists of numerous events and have left their mark on the Spanish monarchy.

An agenda full of activities

The official agenda of the commemoration includes a series of events in which the kings and their daughters will participate. These include receptions, hand kisses, parades, balcony greetings and a changing of the guard. In addition, a gala meal is planned at which prominent personalities from Spanish society will meet.

One of the highlights will be the joint visit of Princesses Leonor and Sofia to an exhibition in the Royal Collections Gallery. It will be the first time that Sofía participates in an event without the company of her parents, which represents an important milestone in her growth and development.

The absence of Juan Carlos

However, the presence of Juan Carlos, the previous king of Spain, is not expected at this commemoration. After his departure from the country and his establishment in Geneva, his figure has been relegated and his participation in official events has been limited. Although his absence may generate some controversy, it is important to remember that this anniversary focuses on the reign of Felipe VI and Letizia, and not on the past.

An exhibition without your presence

As a sign of the rejection of Juan Carlos, an exhibition that reviews the ten years of Felipe’s reign was inaugurated at the Royal Palace of Madrid. However, the images selected for the exhibition barely include photographs of the previous king. This omission reflects the will of the monarchical institution to distance itself from his figure and focus on the present and future of the Spanish monarchy.

Despite the criticism and controversies surrounding Juan Carlos, this anniversary is an opportunity to celebrate the achievements and advances of the reign of Felipe VI and Letizia. During these ten years, they have demonstrated their commitment to the country and have worked to strengthen the monarchical institution.

A reign marked by change

The reign of Felipe VI and Letizia has been marked by important changes and transformations. They have promoted initiatives in areas such as education, culture, gender equality and the environment. In addition, they have represented Spain on numerous official trips and have promoted international dialogue and cooperation.

Throughout these ten years, Felipe and Letizia have demonstrated their commitment to Spanish society and have worked to modernize the monarchy and bring it closer to the citizens. Their work has been recognized both nationally and internationally, and they have been ambassadors of the image of Spain in the world.

A promising future

As Felipe VI and Letizia celebrate their 10th anniversary on the throne, they are also looking to the future. Its objective is to continue working for the well-being of Spain and represent the monarchy in an exemplary manner. With Princess Leonor and Infanta Sofía preparing to take on more active roles in public life, the Spanish monarchy is preparing for a new stage full of challenges and opportunities.

In summary, the tenth anniversary of the reign of Felipe VI and Letizia is a time of celebration and reflection. Throughout these ten years, they have left their mark on the Spanish monarchy and have worked to strengthen and modernize it. As they look to the future, their commitment to Spain and their role as representatives of the monarchy remain strong.

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