Inici » Infanta Elena and the care of her father, King Emeritus Juan Carlos I

Infanta Elena and the care of her father, King Emeritus Juan Carlos I

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Infanta Elena and her support for Juan Carlos I

Infanta Elena is a faithful defender of the reign of her father, Juan Carlos I. Although she has sometimes had disagreements with her brother, Felipe VI, considering that he has allowed her father to be humiliated and exiled to the Arab Emirates, she has always fulfilled her duty as a monarchist and has supported her brother’s reign. Despite the sadness she feels at seeing her family divided, her loyalty to her father is unwavering.

Juan Carlos I’s medical care

In recent months, Juan Carlos I has received medical treatment in Geneva and Vitoria for his mobility and hip problems. He has received injections of stem cells and platelets every few months. Although doctors have warned of the deterioration of his health due to his advanced age, Juan Carlos refuses to use a wheelchair, as he does not want to be seen as a dethroned king.

The constant support of Infanta Elena

Infanta Elena regularly visits her father in the Arab Emirates and accompanies him to his medical appointments in Geneva. Furthermore, she is always by her side when she participates in regattas in Sanxenxo. Infanta Elena never leaves him alone and Felipe VI always asks him about her health.

Concerns about the health of Juan Carlos I

In recent weeks, medical reports on Juan Carlos I have not been favourable. Due to his advanced age, his bones are wearing out quickly and it is likely that he will end up in a wheelchair at some point. Although he has been asked to return to Spain or stay in Geneva with Infanta Cristina, Juan Carlos will remain in Abu Dhabi, where he receives care and medical attention to delay the deterioration of his health. Despite mobility problems and absent-mindedness typical of his age, Juan Carlos continues to fight against the difficulties.

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