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Isa Pantoja, a woman worried about her health

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The situation of Isa Pantoja

Isa Pantoja has been in the news in recent weeks following the arrival of her biological mother in Spain. Roxana Luque intends to meet her, but she has not shown herself to be available. In fact, since his arrival we have hardly been able to see Isa Pantoja, who has avoided the spotlight of the cameras as much as possible.

Recently, Anabel Pantoja announced her four-month pregnancy and Isa proved to be very happy with the news. In addition, he assured that the relationship between the Pantoja family will not change at all with the arrival of this baby.

Isa Pantoja’s asthma problem

The last thing that is known about him is his worrying state of health resulting from the works he is doing at his house. An evolution that he has been publishing on his social networks, but in recent days it has reached a rather alarming point.

Several weeks ago, Isa Pantoja moved with Asraf Beno to a new home in an exclusive development in Puerto de Santa María. A change with which they promised to be happy, but which, in the end, has not been so.

The building is not yet finished, so they are doing renovations in some areas. In addition, the couple is also doing work inside the house.

This situation is directly harming Isa Pantoja. The influencer has confessed on previous occasions that she is an asthmatic. Reason why the dust from the works can aggravate the condition.

So much so that several times he has asked on social networks what he can do to support the situation. A long time ago he took the measure of wearing a mask inside his house so as not to breathe so much dust. A gesture that improved slightly, but has not put an end to the problem.

The anguish of Isa Pantoja

Isa Pantoja has published on her social networks a video in which she is seen to be quite injured. With a mask on, he explains his asthma problems and how he is having a hard time with the situation. In fact, she is so distressed about running out of air that she has asked Asraf to take her to the emergency room.

“I’m making this video now that I’m a little better to let you know what it feels like to be an asthmatic person. The dust made what I already had, which was bronchitis, worse and turned me into asthma. I’m fatal passerby,” he began by saying.

A slight improvement which may be because they no longer continue with the works inside their home. However, they had to re-do some tweaks with some of the damage that was there. Reason why his condition has worsened again.

“I was crying before in despair because I see that I am not getting better and I suffocate, I run out of air. It really scares me to go through these asthma attacks, because it is the worst in the world. I don’t know what to do, I am desperate… I live with afraid of suffocating,” he commented.

The anxiety of Isa Pantoja

Isa Pantoja is really distressed by the situation in which she finds herself. After so long in this situation he has not seen an improvement. In addition, he is waiting to go to a medical appointment to learn more about the situation.

Moments later, Isa Pantoja’s situation took a turn for the worse. In the video you can see her crying and in great distress. Meanwhile, she explained that she was so bad that she asked Asraf to take her urgently to the hospital.

“I have to go to the emergency room. I’ll wait for Asraf to take me, because I feel really bad. When I notice that I’m getting better, I suddenly have crises again which are the worst. I’m afraid I’ll run out of air. It’s been a long time since I’m like this and I don’t notice any improvement,” she explained through tears.

As the hours passed, he made the decision to leave the house, even if only to go back to sleep. “I will be out of the house all day and I will only come to sleep. Let’s see if I get better this way. I feel that no matter how much treatment they give me, the best advice will be not to be in a place where there is dust,” he explained.

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