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Meloni’s future passes

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The effect of the votes of the Italian president

The votes of the Italian president do not have a direct impact on the re-election of Von der Leyen as president of the European Commission, but they could influence the dynamics of future votes.

Although his participation is not necessary for Von der Leyen’s re-election, Meloni’s support could make it easier for the EPP to go ahead with simple majority votes.

FdI after the European elections

The victory in the European elections has generated a state of euphoria in Germans of Italy (FdI), the party led by Giorgia Meloni, consolidating its hopes in Brussels.

The increase in popularity in Italy has favored Meloni, who celebrated the election result and claimed the support of the citizens.

The leader of FdI has expressed her criticism of EU policies, pointing out citizen dissatisfaction with the institution and citing the Green Pact as an example.

Possible future moves

There has been speculation that Meloni might trade support for Von der Leyen in exchange for Italian appointments to European commissioner posts.

Experts point out that Meloni could seek to influence the appointment of commissioners, especially in key areas such as Defense or Foreign Policy.

Nicola Procaccini, one of Meloni’s collaborators in Brussels, does not confirm this strategy but does not rule out possible agreements with other European far-right political forces.

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