Inici » The change in the attitude of King Felipe VI and his relationship with the Spanish royal family

The change in the attitude of King Felipe VI and his relationship with the Spanish royal family

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A change in the attitude of King Felipe VI

Before Letizia’s arrival in the life of King Felipe VI, it was perceived that he practiced hypocrisy, maintained manners, greeted everyone with a Profidén smile and showed empathy and education, even with those with whom he did not have a good relationship. . However, with the arrival of the Asturian journalist, his attitude changed significantly.

It is observed that the monarch no longer shows the same consideration when expressing his feelings, even towards close members of his own family, such as Infanta Cristina, his older sister. This change in his attitude has been noticeable at public events, such as the La Caixa scholarship award ceremony, where it was evident that Felipe and Cristina did not greet or look at each other, despite being a few meters from each other. .

Tense relations in the Spanish royal family

Despite the attempts of some to claim that everything is settled and that the Spanish royal family lives in peace and harmony, the reality is different. Both Felipe and Letizia do not have a good relationship with certain close members of their own family, which has generated significant tensions.

According to journalist Pilar Eyre, the rift in relations is deep, and the actions of some members of the royal family have caused considerable damage to the institution. Furthermore, it is highlighted that the relationship between Felipe, Letizia and Infanta Cristina has been especially tense, with antecedents dating back to the Nóos case in 2011.

Impact of the Nóos case on family relationships

The Nóos case marked a breaking point in family relations, especially between the king’s sisters and Letizia. The situation worsened when Cristina was removed and Felipe made the decision to revoke the attribution to Doña Cristina of the power to use the title of Duchess of Palma de Mallorca. This episode caused additional tensions and contributed to the deteriorating relationship between members of the royal family.

Consequences and distancing

Infanta Cristina was significantly affected, facing isolation and difficulties without anyone’s support, due to the situation generated by the Nóos case. Even after these events, the relationship between Felipe and Cristina has been tense, with few signs of public reconciliation.

Furthermore, it stands out that Cristina’s children barely have a relationship with Felipe and Letizia’s daughters, which shows a significant distance between the branches of the Spanish royal family.

Public events and family relationships

In public events, situations have been observed that reflect the tension in family relationships, such as the funeral of Pilar de Borbón, where a notable distance between members of the royal family was evident. These situations have generated comments and observations about family dynamics in Spanish royalty.

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