Inici » The disaffection of young people and the life of the Bourbons

The disaffection of young people and the life of the Bourbons

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The disaffection of young people

In recent times, we have witnessed the growing disaffection that today’s youth feel towards almost everything that is not a screen. NEETs, as they are known, are becoming more numerous and lack the motivation to have a job or occupation. However, there will come a time when these young people will have to face reality and start taking responsibility for their lives. If they do not want to depend on their parents until old age, they will have to start working. It is important that they abandon their passive attitude and strive to contribute to society.

The life of the Bourbons

On the other hand, the life of the members of the Spanish royal family, the Bourbons, is completely different. They live without worries, knowing that they have everything paid for and that they will never lack for anything. They enjoy luxuries and comforts thanks to the money of citizens, who pay taxes to maintain their lifestyle. The existential problems of the Bourbon grandchildren are reduced to superficial issues such as what to wear to a family reunion or which country to travel to to appear to care about their future. Meanwhile, most of them make no effort to contribute meaningfully to society.

The children of Infanta Elena

Infanta Elena’s children, Felipe Juan Froilán and Victoria Federica, are known for their lack of responsibility and carefree lifestyle. They spend their time at parties, parades and social events, without worrying about their future or doing anything meaningful with their lives.

Infanta Cristina’s children

Infanta Cristina’s children are not an example to follow either. Juan, the eldest, seems to have no direction in life and it is unknown what he does in London. Pablo, on the other hand, shows some interest in sports, but the rest of Infanta Cristina’s children do not stand out for their responsibility or contribution to society.

Miguel Urdangarin

Miguel Urdangarin, the king’s godson, is another example of the lack of commitment and responsibility of the young Bourbons. After finishing his studies, he spent some time not knowing what to do and living in Geneva with his mother. Later, he signed up for a ski instructor course, but after an accident, he abandoned that activity. Now, under the excuse of scientific practices, he has returned to live in Zarzuela. It is time for Miguel to stop studying and start earning a salary, instead of living at the expense of the citizens.

In short, the disaffection of young people towards society contrasts with the privileged life of the Bourbons. While young people struggle to find their place in the world and contribute meaningfully, members of the Spanish royal family enjoy luxuries and comforts without making great efforts. It is important to reflect on this situation and promote a society in which all young people have opportunities and responsibilities to build a better future.

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