Inici » The Disappearance of Three Children in Morocco: A Desperate Story

The Disappearance of Three Children in Morocco: A Desperate Story

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In Morocco, three Spanish children aged 5, 6 and 8, Youssef, Adam and Aisha, are missing. The mother, Eider Escobal, last saw them on June 17 in Sala al Jadida, Morocco, where they were being held by their father’s family. Four days later, upon returning to the grandparents’ house, the mother did not find the children and reported them missing.

The situation

The mother accuses the paternal grandmother of taking the children without her consent and her ex-partner, Mohammed, of being responsible for their disappearance. According to the complaint filed with the Ertzaintza police station in Sestao, the mother’s sister claims that the children are in the hands of an abuser.

The father

Mohammed, 41 years old and of Moroccan nationality, is the father of the children. He has a restraining order for gender violence against Eider, after being convicted of mistreatment. The relationship between the two was complicated from the beginning, and Mohammed refused to renew the minors’ passports in 2022, preventing them from returning to Spain.


Eider traveled to Morocco in a desperate attempt to bring his children back to Spain. Despite her efforts, her paternal grandparents did not allow her to approach the children, prompting her to file complaints with the Moroccan police. Her mother is desperate about the situation of her children.

Threats and Complaints

The maternal family reported the children’s risky situation, and Mohammed issued threats to Eider through voice messages. Faced with these threats, the children’s aunt filed a complaint for violation of the protection and restraining order.

The search

Eider is in Spain without knowing the whereabouts of his children. Mohammed has returned to Morocco and claims the children are in Tangier. The police in Spain and Morocco are trying to locate them, while the mother is summoned to testify electronically in a Moroccan court.

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