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The importance of sincerity in communication

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Sincerity as a fundamental value

It all started when my son asked me how I learned to be honest and I answered him that everyone is born honest, or so I would like to think, but over the years, depending on the education we receive or according to the environment, some lose it.

Sincerity is what we all want, but when the sincere person speaks, everyone gets offended. These are complex times for sincerity. The phrase that “sincerity without empathy is cruelty” went viral, but even this admits of questioning. There are people who directly do not like what they hear and make excuses for it. First it will be the form, then the time (inappropriate), later the channel (if in person, if through networks). There are times when we are not ready to hear the truth. Because we may not see the truth objectively and we are affected by what says the opposite of what we think or feel. I don’t like the current option: this trend of the time to keep everything quiet, to put the other person in the dark.

The TAP era and the loss of spontaneity

But if we look more closely at the current moment, we find the TAP era. The ear has become accustomed to the boisterous sound… The horns, engines and speakers that compete for their exclusivity. There is shouting, mocking laughter, shouting in frivolity. Plug in headphones to disconnect from what’s going on around you. He gets used to the clichés, the imposed truths, the superb and the scared of the collective. Thus, it escapes the spontaneity trapped in routines like repetition factories. Oracles are reiterated and become easily manipulated. With so much euphoria, it loses vitality and every day it needs to turn up the volume at the cost of disappearing. The ear gets used to nothing. Fill the gaps by accumulating waste. He forgets to listen to the goldfinch (its song so hypnotizing), crickets and frogs demanding water, the sound of the wind, or now so much the need for the rain to fall, or simply the silence. He does not tolerate insurrection. Then he refuses to hear his own cry, until he ends up not knowing his own voice, even his heartbeat.

Recovering sincerity

We have been forgetting ourselves and we try to live together and teach people lessons. The ear has become lonely in a demanding and tight body. He gets lost, pondering until he rejects the dialogue. The herd adapts the hearing aids to the master, denying their sense of being part of something bigger. We turn off and in the meantime we fear the cry, even if it dies out of tune. We forgot the tenderness of laughter and went to less, digging courses laden with greed. It’s that they don’t want to hear a painful and authentic truth. Dialogues are lost due to consensual forgetting.

Until the internal explosion, at some point, will send the plug away. There he will be, half-broken and waking up. The time will come to accept nuances, for now it goes like a caterpillar released from the old shell.

DIANA VALIMANYA is spokesperson for Som for Gandesa.

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