Inici » The secrets behind the three divorces of the Earl of Spencer, Lady Di’s brother: boarding schools, abuse and family abandonment

The secrets behind the three divorces of the Earl of Spencer, Lady Di’s brother: boarding schools, abuse and family abandonment

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The intimate life of the Earl of Spencer

Charles Spencer has shared in his memoir the problems he has faced in his intimate life. Since he was sent to boarding school at age 8, he has had intimacy problems and has spent much of his life interested in women who would never fall in love with him.

The separation of Charles Spencer and Karen Gordon

This weekend, Charles Spencer, younger brother of the late Princess Diana, announced his separation from Karen Gordon after 13 years of marriage. The aristocrat expressed sadness at the situation and expressed his desire to devote himself to his children and grandchildren. He wished Karen all the happiness in the future.

The third marriage and their youngest daughter

This last marriage was the longest of all and their youngest daughter was born, Charlotte Diana, 12 years old, who is named in honor of the late Lady Di. Charles and Karen previously informed the staff of Althorp House, the family estate that has been in the hands of the Spencer family for five centuries, of their plans.

A new love interest

Karen’s absence at the events related to the promotion of the count’s new book did not go unnoticed, and the English press is already mentioning a new love interest in Charles’ life: Dr. Cat Jarman, with whom he presents a historical podcast called ‘ The Rabbit Hole Detectives’ with Reverend Richard Coles.

The sentimental failures of Charles Spencer

In his book, Charles reveals some of the key points of his romantic failures. His first marriage to Victoria Lockwood, a well-known model and daughter of a multimillionaire, ended in divorce in 1997, the same year Diana died in a car accident. He then married Caroline Freud in 2001, with whom he also had two children before separating in 2009.

Charles Spencer’s difficult childhood

Charles Spencer’s childhood was marked by the separation of his parents when he and Diana were very young. They were both raised by nannies until Charles was sent to an exclusive boarding school at age 8. In his book, Charles describes the boarding school as a horrible and terrifying place, where every day there was a new victim. During the process of writing his book, Charles found a forgotten diary in a room at Althorp, in which one of his caretakers confessed to having sexually abused him when he was 11 years old.

The relationship with his older children

It is rumored that Charles maintains a distant relationship with his older children, the result of his first marriage. It is even said that he did not attend the wedding of his daughters Lady Kitty and Lady Amelia. In the case of Lady Kitty, it is speculated that the earl’s absence was due to her disapproval of the relationship due to the age difference between her daughter and her husband.


The Earl of Spencer’s life has been marked by various challenges and difficulties on a personal level. From his difficult childhood at boarding school to his three divorces, Charles has faced obstacles that have left a mark on his life. However, despite the adversities, he has found the strength to move forward and share his story in his memoir.

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