Inici » Barça remains unstoppable in Europe with a decisive victory (2-0)

Barça remains unstoppable in Europe with a decisive victory (2-0)

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The Catalan team beats Eintracht Frankfurt and leaves them out of the competition

Barça has no rival in Europe and this Thursday they beat Eintracht Frankfurt 2-0 and eliminated them from the competition. The match was not as spectacular as the ones usually offered by the Blaugrana team and the sisters had some moments of danger.

Despite having first place guaranteed before the game, due to Benfica’s draw in Malmö, Jonatan Giráldez fielded a luxury eleven to win the game, but the team struggled to create chances at the start. In fact, the sisters had two chances, first with a Freigang tackle and then when Cata Coll cut off Anyomi’s arrival and Paredes took a spoonful from Prasnikar under the posts.

Barça gets away with two quality goals

Barça were able to open the scoring with a double corner kick, first by Bronze and then Patri. Johannes refused, but he couldn’t avoid it a minute later, when the Blaugrana recovered a ball in the upper area and the Majorcan shot crossed.

The home team could have widened the gap before the break, but neither Salma nor Mariona had much luck and Paredes shot high. It was better in the second half, when Eintracht changed the goalkeeper and Bösl stopped two goals from Aitana and Graham Hansen. The German team had their best minutes soon after, first with a shot off Freigang and, above all, with a good chance from Prasnikar.

It was all over, however, in the 73rd minute when Caroline Graham Hansen scored the second from a long shot. From there, the changes and the chances of Clàudia Pina and Ona Batlle came in, but no more goals came in.

Technical sheet

FC BARCELONA: Coll; Bronze, Paredes (Torrejón min 84), Engen, Ona Batlle; Aitana (Vicky López min 87), Walsh, Patri; Graham Hansen (Bruna min 84), Mariona (Pina min 70) and Salma (Brugts min 70)

EINTRACHT FRANKFURT: Johannes (Part 46); Wolter, Doorsoun, Kleinherne, Hanshaw (Dilara Acikgoz min 85), Pavollek (Martínez min 60), Reuteler (Gräve min 31), Dunst; Anyomi, Freigang (Ilayda Acikgoz min 85) and Prasnikar.

REFEREE: Deborah Anex (SUI). He has warned Gräwe

GOALS: 1-0 Patrick 19th, 2-0 Graham Hansen 73rd

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