Inici » Carlos Alcaraz, the youngest tennis player to win three Grand Slams

Carlos Alcaraz, the youngest tennis player to win three Grand Slams

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Carlos Alcaraz, a tennis phenomenon

Carlos Alcaraz, the 21-year-old young Spanish tennis player, has achieved great success in the world of tennis. Recently, he has won three Grand Slams on different surfaces, including Roland Garros, US Open and Wimbledon. This milestone makes him the youngest tennis player to achieve this feat.

The power of brands

Carlos Alcaraz’s success is not only limited to the tennis court, but has also caught the attention of major brands and sponsors. Companies such as Isdin, Rolex and Nike have seen in him a perfect image to represent their brands. In addition to his skill with the racket, these brands value qualities such as humility, hard work and the ability to learn that Alcaraz demonstrates (

Support from sponsors

Carlos Alcaraz has the support of several Spanish brands such as ISDIN and El Pozo, who have appointed him as an ambassador for their companies. In addition, international brands such as Nike and Rolex have been with him for years. Alcaraz has been linked to Nike since 2019 and has been wearing Rolex watches since 2022.

The income of Carlos Alcaraz

According to data published by the ATP, Carlos Alcaraz has earned a considerable amount of money throughout his career. Last year alone, he earned nearly 7 million euros. In addition to the winnings in the tournaments, Alcaraz also receives around 20 million euros in terms of sponsorships and sponsors.

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