Inici » Queen Letizia’s zigzag hair: A trend that is becoming a habit

Queen Letizia’s zigzag hair: A trend that is becoming a habit

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The zigzag hair effect, also known as ‘crimped hair’

Have you ever noticed how Queen Letizia Ortiz’s hair looks? At times, it seems to have a peculiar effect, as if it were zigzagging. This style, which is commonly known as ‘crimped hair’, is not something new, but recently Queen Letizia has made it resonate more intensely.

A trend that Queen Letizia has popularized

During the opening of the 44th edition of FITUR, Queen Letizia caused a sensation with a black and white dress by Teresa Helbig. But what really caught our attention was a detail of her hairstyle: her zigzag hair. Although it may initially seem strange, this effect has proven to be quite versatile and has begun to be adopted by more people.

The zigzag hair effect in practice

To achieve the zigzag effect, also known as ‘crimped hair’, a special tool called a crimper or crimping iron is required. This straightener has plates with wavy patterns that create waves or creases in the hair when passed through sections of hair. There are several options available on Amazon, including the BaByliss brand.

It is important to note that Queen Letizia does not apply this effect to all of her hair, but instead selects loose strands so that this wavy look is strategic. In addition to crimping irons, you can also achieve this effect with a waffle iron, which also allows you to achieve the most sought-after waves of the moment.


If Queen Letizia has worn this style, it will not take long for it to become a trend. Although we had already seen Queen Letizia with the zigzag hair part, she has now decided to extend the effect on her locks to add another touch of style to her hair. So, do you want to try this effect? Enter the world of zigzag hair!

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