Inici » Shein’s new jacket: a fashion piece with bold style

Shein’s new jacket: a fashion piece with bold style

una dona amb una jaqueta d'estampat de lleopard i texans dempeus a la cantonada del carrer amb una bardissa verda darrere d'ella, Andrea Orcagna, moda, fotografia d'estoc, premsa privada

A combination of classic design and leopard print

Shein’s new jacket is a trendy piece that combines a classic bomber design with the bold style of leopard print. This jacket is perfect for those looking for a piece of clothing that is both stylish and bold.

Made of polyester for optimal comfort

The jacket is made of polyester, a light and comfortable material that is perfect for wearing in between. In addition, polyester is known for its durability and wrinkle resistance, which ensures that the jacket keeps its shape and looks fresh with continuous use. It is also soft to the touch, providing a pleasant sensation in contact with the skin.

A versatile and tight design

Shein’s jacket has a fitted collar design at the top, with straight shoulders and marked seams that give it a good shape. The sleeves extend to the wrists and have elastics that just adjust the design to the arms for better effect. In addition, it adjusts in the front with a zip closure, achieving a precise fit and with elastic fabric finishes both on the cuffs, as well as on the hem and neck, to achieve the best of adjustments.

Style and comfort in one product

Shein’s jacket is pleasant to the touch, with light and smooth finishes that create the best of effects. Its leopard print in light brown with dark spots adds a charming touch. This jacket is available in sizes ranging from S to XL, adapting to different figures and allowing each person to find the size that best suits them.

A fashionable piece at an affordable price

Shein’s jacket is currently one of the most sought after, with a 5-star reputation and over 1000 positive reviews. In addition, it is a fashionable piece that suits different styles and budgets, since it can be purchased for only 14 euros.

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