Inici » Discover Economic Perfumery: Mercadona’s Challenge to Calvin’s Fragrance

Discover Economic Perfumery: Mercadona’s Challenge to Calvin’s Fragrance

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The Perfect Balance between Quality and Savings

In the fascinating world of fragrances, finding an affordable alternative without sacrificing quality can be quite a challenge. Mercadona, with its innovative proposal, presents the 9.60 Sport Water as a response to this challenge.

A Charming Alternative to Calvin Klein’s Famous Fragrance

Mercadona’s 9.60 Sport Water has received expert praise for being the perfect copy of Calvin Klein’s classic One. This fragrance not only captures the freshness and durability of its reference, but does so at a significantly lower price: just 3.90 euros, compared to 23.90 euros for the original Calvin Klein.

Sophisticated Notes and Practical Presentation

Both colognes share notes of musk and a soft floral touch, elements that infuse vitality and delicacy into their wake. In addition to the attractive price, the presentation of the 9.60 Sport Water also stands out. With a 200ml container, it’s comfortable for everyday use and built with durable materials to minimize the risk of breakage.

Versatility for All Opportunities

When to use this inexpensive but sophisticated fragrance from Mercadona? The answer is simple: almost anytime. After a session at the gym, before going to work or even for a date, the versatility and attractive aroma make 9.60 Sport Water the perfect companion for different occasions.

Prices and offers updated on 25/01/2024. They may undergo modifications or cancellations, and Catalunya Diari is not responsible for possible changes.

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