Inici » K by Kosekose: The upcycling joys that conquerixen

K by Kosekose: The upcycling joys that conquerixen

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A History of Elegance and Artistic Originality

The accessories brand, which parades at Adlib Ibiza, celebrates 12 years of sophistication and genuine craftsmanship.

Like a Renaissance character, Ariadna Ferrer not only leads one of the most creative and artistic brands in Adlib Ibiza: K de Kosekose (which offers contemporary textile jewelry, designer hats and all kinds of accessories, even bags ), but as an artistic director – she is dedicated to stage direction and even performed for the Fura des Baus – she offers design, merchandising, training and product rental services. In addition, the Balearic creator published the work Once upon a time… Adlib in 2021, in which, together with the photographer Germán Guerrero (with whom she now shares creative direction), she reflected on the more supportive and social side of the brands of the Ibizan fashion platform.

An Art Inspired by Family Roots

Ariadna is an artist passionate about the world of fashion, a passion that comes from her family: her grandmother made Ibizan dresses and her mother is one of the best seamstresses on the island. “I grew up surrounded by couture dresses, I studied fashion and, although my main vocation was dance, fashion has always kept me afloat,” she explains.

The embryo of K de Kosekose is in Barcelona, ​​in 2011: there he ran an art gallery and worked for several antique dealers in the Gothic Quarter, creating unique pieces to order with exclusive, vintage and exotic materials. “My first piece was a black Victorian-style bodice, made all in rhinestones, lace and antique trimmings. I gave it this original name because my colleagues called me Kose, as I spent the day sewing… During It’s been my nickname for 20 years and now it’s my brand, a creative laboratory where anything can happen,” he says.

An Exclusive and Distinct Creation

In 2014, K de Kosekose debuted on the Adlib Ibiza Catwalk, where his jewelry and hats captivated with their craftsmanship and felts enriched with semi-precious stones and metals. Only suitable for lovers of exclusivity and distinction. And it is that Ariadna’s creations have been exhibited in museums (such as the Decorative Arts in Madrid, as well as halls in London and New York). A whole art.

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