Inici » Rebalancing of investments in the improvement of Suburbs: Madrid and Catalonia

Rebalancing of investments in the improvement of Suburbs: Madrid and Catalonia

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Strategic Investments

The Spanish government has presented the improvement plans for the Commuter train network, highlighting a significant investment. Contrary to previous projects, the Minister of Transport, Óscar Puente, has announced a rebalancing of investments between Madrid and Catalonia.

With a planned investment of 6.4 billion euros for Catalonia and 7.1 billion for Madrid, the government justifies the difference based on the specific needs of each region, leaving behind the previous numbers that generated inequality.

Reasons for Rebalancing

In an appearance in Congress, Puente detailed that the difference in investment is due to the figure pending execution, arguing that Madrid has a greater need for improvements compared to Barcelona. He also emphasized that the Rodalies networks in Catalonia and Madrid have different levels of development.

The Details of the Plan

According to the minister, Madrid will receive twice as many new trains as Catalonia, with 203 new trains for the Spanish capital and 101 for Barcelona. This decision is justified by the more noticeable deterioration of the Madrid network, which requires more urgent renovation.

Future of El Prat Airport

In the same appearance, Puente addressed the debate on the expansion of El Prat Airport. It defends an expansion compatible with environmental respect and undertakes to dialogue with the Generalitat de Catalunya. The options include operational changes or increased capacity, with the aim of turning El Prat into an international hub.

The minister highlights the importance of the airport’s operation and proposes two options for the expansion: adjust the operation of one runway or increase the capacity of the other, with the aim of minimizing inconvenience to citizens .

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