Inici » Rodalies users have their say on the Renfe and Adif strike

Rodalies users have their say on the Renfe and Adif strike

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Rodalies users express their opinion on the Renfe and Adif strike

The strike called by CCOO of Renfe and Adif has had a notable impact on users of Rodalies de Catalunya. However, many of them have stated that they have not noticed a special incidence due to the usual delays in this train service. According to a passenger on the R1 line, the service is so bad that if it went well, it would be a surprise [[1]]( -language-no-incomodi_1_4544047.html).

Users have been looking for alternatives during the strike

Some users have mentioned that during the strike they have found it easier to sit on trains, as many people have looked for other transport options. However, other users have experienced longer wait times and had to change their travel plans due to the cancellation of journeys

The minimum services and the demands of the strike

According to Renfe sources, the follow-up to the strike was 2.68%. The strike demands the elimination of entry categories at Renfe and the implementation of the 35-hour working day at Adif. The minimum services during the strike are 66% during peak hours and 33% during the rest of the day in Rodalies [[1]]( -don’t-change-language-don’t-inconvenience_1_4544047.html).

Minimum services on other types of trains

The Ministry of Transport has established that the minimum services for medium-distance trains are 65%, for AVE trains 73% and for freight trains only 25%

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