Inici » Attack with Molotov cocktails at the Royal Palace in Oslo

Attack with Molotov cocktails at the Royal Palace in Oslo

un grup d'agents de policia al voltant d'un foc en un pati amb un foc al fons i un home en una cadira de rodes en primer pla, Carl Gustaf Pilo, distòpic, una foto d'estoc, secessió de Berlín

Arrest of the author of the attack

Norwegian police have arrested an individual who perpetrated an attack with Molotov cocktails against the Royal Palace in Oslo. The man, from Belarus, moved around in a motorized wheelchair. According to local Norwegian press, the author had a history and search and arrest warrants in Holland. The flames caused by the incendiary bombs, thrown against the back door of the palace, generated moments of panic and disrupted the normal life of the royal compound. The evacuation was carried out and all activities stopped, including the guided tours that were being carried out at that time.

Reaction of the Royal Family

Only one member of the Royal Family was in the building during the attack, but his identity has not been released for security reasons. Fortunately, he has not suffered any physical damage, but he has had moments of fright. Both the Norwegian police and the press have reported that the perpetrator was carrying more flammable material with the intention of causing more chaos. Firefighters and security officers acted quickly to put out the flames and capture the attacker, who had thrown the second Molotov cocktail at the facade of the palace.

Motivations of the attack

The exact motivations of the author of the attack are not yet known. However, the authorities consider that it could be an individual with significant mental disorders. Investigations are ongoing to ascertain the details and circumstances of this incident. Despite this, the authorities have conveyed a message of normality and have highlighted the speed and effectiveness of the response to the attack.

Repercussions on the Royal Family

The Royal Palace in Oslo is one of the properties of the Norwegian Royal Family, who use it both as a work space and a personal residence. However, during the summer, his presence in this palace is more unusual. Monarchs Harald V and Sonia, as well as Prince Haakon, Princess Mette-Marit and their children, use this palace on special occasions. Fortunately, no members of the Royal Family were injured in this attack.

Reactions of the witnesses

Several people who were near the site of the attack have shared their impressions. Some have expressed that, despite not having been afraid, the incident has been unpleasant and sad, as someone has tried to harm the Royal Family. Other witnesses have highlighted the impact of the flames and the amount of smoke generated during the attack.

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