Inici » Celebration of the 25th anniversary of Can Ninetes at the Civic Center Santa Eugènia

Celebration of the 25th anniversary of Can Ninetes at the Civic Center Santa Eugènia


A reference space for the inhabitants of the neighborhood

The Santa Eugènia Civic Center has commemorated its quarter of a century as a focal point for the neighborhood’s residents. It has become a gateway to municipal services and a meeting place for citizens.

Events in memory of the 25th anniversary

To celebrate this very special date, Girona City Council has organized an open event that has given relevance to people linked to the neighborhood. The renowned retired architect and resident of the area, Jordi Pericot, has produced a cutout of the Santa Eugènia Civic Centre, a 1:250 scale reproduction of the building. It has also been disseminated among the students of the schools and high schools in the neighborhood in order to transmit the history of Can Ninetes.

In addition, a serigraphed poem on canvas by neighbor Isabel Abuin has been presented, as part of the Monar’T Festival. The neighbor’s connection with Can Ninetes is remarkable, as she was the first worker responsible for the bar that was there at the beginning of the municipal facility, before it became the Management office.

Recognition in the community and groups

The mayor of Girona, Lluc Salellas i Vilar, has highlighted the importance of civic centers as a place for building networks that promote neighborhood cohesion, emphasizing that the 25 years of the Santa Eugènia Civic Center are clear proof of this.

According to the deputy mayor and councilor for Service to the People, Núria Riquelme i Zurita, celebrating 25 years of Can Ninetes symbolizes the transformative power of the community and collective aspirations. He also wanted to thank the contribution of everyone who has participated in the consolidation and progress of the neighborhood.

Tribute to Berta Cáceres

In this celebration, a room of the Civic Center was inaugurated with the name of Sala Berta Cáceres, indigenous Lenca leader, feminist and human rights activist and environmentalist. The aim of this space is to spread the figure of Berta Cáceres among the community, coinciding with Honduran Women’s Day.

The party culminated with a piscolabis open to all the people who attended the event, in a gesture of gratitude and community.

The story of Can Ninetes

The Santa Eugènia Civic Center opened its doors in 1999 in an old farmhouse known as Can Ninetes, which is part of the inventory of the Architectural Heritage of Catalonia. This farmhouse was home to different families over the years, and the figure of Santa Eugènia, present on the facade, has become a symbol of the neighborhood.

An important rehabilitation process at the beginning of the 21st century turned Can Ninetes into an active and integral civic center, with a varied cultural program and as the headquarters of multiple entities. Today, it continues to be a meeting place for the neighborhood’s social fabric, generating cohesion and community proposals.

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