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A forbidden love story during the Franco regime

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A brave and sensitive love story

Eight years ago, during a sleepless night, África Alonso (Barcelona, ​​1995) read a headline that would change her life. It was about the love story between Isabel and Carmen, two teachers who fell in love during the Franco regime in a small town in Valencia, called Manuel, and the difficulties they faced to live their relationship freely at a time when homosexuality was forbidden. Alonso decided to rescue this story, turning it into his first play, which has been performed at the Condal theater in Barcelona under the name Una llum timida, and has become a successful musical, touring Valencia and Madrid

A book that delves into history

África Alonso, in addition to being a playwright, is an actress, singer and writer. After the success of the play, he decided to translate this story into a book of the same name. In this book, Alonso delves into the history of Isabel and Carmen, talking about their childhoods and expanding the universe of their characters. It is a portrait of someone who does not meet the norm at a time like the Franco dictatorship in Spain. The book is a tribute to teachers, these references we have when we are creatures, who pave the way for us, who tell us ‘yes you can’.

A story that brings historical memory to light

The story of A Shy Light is a brave, sensitive and intimate love story. It is a story that reveals real facts and caresses the soul of the reader. This story aims to break the silence and claim the lives of lesbians as what they are, forming part of the historical memory of our country. It is an exciting, painful and striking drama that transports us to a time when love between two women was forbidden. It is a reminder of the obstacles these women had to overcome to live their love story in a context and place where it was not possible.

A work that excites and makes you think

The play Una llum timida has been an overwhelming success, with performances at the Condal theater in Barcelona and tours in Valencia and Madrid. The public has reacted very positively, being moved by the story of Isabel and Carmen. Many people have felt identified with this forbidden love story and have reflected on the obstacles that LGBTIQ+ people still face in today’s society. The work has managed to bring to light a part of the historical memory that has often been silenced and has opened the eyes to the reality of the people who lived these experiences.

A documentary that complements the story

In addition to the play and the book, a documentary has been made that delves into the story of Isabel and Carmen. This documentary was recorded in Manuel and Catarroja, the places where the protagonists lived. In this documentary, former students and former colleagues of the teachers are interviewed, who explain what it was like in the sixties, seventies and eighties in the Valencian Country. This documentary is a way to give voice to the people who knew Isabel and Carmen and to keep their memory alive.

A story that does not leave indifferent

A timid light is a story that does not leave indifferent. It is a reminder of the obstacles that LGTBIQ+ people have had to overcome throughout history and that they still encounter prejudice and discrimination today. It is a call for visibility and equality, and a way to recognize and value the love stories that have been silenced. This story moves us, makes us reflect and reminds us of the importance of breaking the silence and reclaiming the historical memory of LGTBIQ+ people.

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