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A new solution for the Sóller green spot

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The change in location of the green dot

Since 2019, the legislation obliges all municipalities to have a green point where citizens can deposit their waste. Currently, this point is at the Sóller Recicla facilities, but the contract with the company will end next September. For this reason, the City Council had to look for alternatives and it seems to have found a solution. This week it was confirmed that an agreement will be signed with EMAYA, the municipal public company of Palma City Council, so that the Sóller green spot will be located on its site.

However, the inhabitants of Sóller will not have to travel to Palma to deposit their waste. According to the contracting councilor, Carlos Darder, there will always be a truck from the EMAYA company in Sóller with special boxes where users, with the help of an operator, can deposit their waste daily. This will allow residents to have two options for depositing their waste.

Option 1: Direct travel to Palma

Those who have a small truck or van can take their waste directly to the green point located in Palma, which will be dedicated exclusively to the inhabitants of Sóller.

Option 2: Truck from EMAYA to Sóller

To avoid travel, there will be a large EMAYA truck in Sóller during working hours. This truck will allow residents to deposit their waste in Sóller and then transport it directly to the green point located in Palma. The exact location of this truck is not yet defined, but it is expected to move between different areas of Sóller.

Decision on waste collection management

Councilor Carlos Darder has confirmed that in the coming weeks it will be decided whether waste collection will be municipalised or contracted to an external company. This decision was made after finding a location for the green dot, as it is required by law to have one. Sóller City Council has complied with this obligation and will now focus on deciding the future of waste collection management.

Recently, the mayor and councilor Carlos Darder met with EMAYA to outline the agreement they will sign.

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