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A unique gastronomic experience at the airport

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Travelers’ stress

summer or winter morning or evening The time is the same; cold or hot is the same. When you’re in an airport, stress and chaos are the companions of a trident that completes the nerves. And traveling can be an exciting experience, but the minutes before embarking on a new adventure are loaded with stress. From long lines at security to the uncertainty of whether your flight will leave on time, there are countless factors that can add to travelers’ anxiety. Plus, the pressure of arriving on time, handling luggage, and accommodating last-minute changes can leave even the most seasoned traveler feeling overwhelmed.

A gastronomic offer for calm and well-being

In this context, a good gastronomic offer inside the airport becomes more than a luxury: it is a necessity for the calm and well-being of the traveler. Food not only offers a welcome break from the hustle and bustle, but also has the power to transform the travel experience. And, moreover, two different ways of seeing it: the last goodbye to Catalan cuisine or the welcome to the gastronomy of a foreign country and the first sample of knowledge of the new territory.

The unique gastronomic airport in the world

It’s kind of a myth that flies over everyone’s heads and it’s the idea that airport food is bad and fair. But is it like that everywhere? In Barcelona, ​​for example, there is the case of the restaurant Alas Hermanos Torres. Otherwise, Munich has the only airport in the world that includes a brewery and a Michelin restaurant inside.

A unique culinary experience

A golden grilled bratwurst, sugar-coated sweet almonds that caramelize in a copper kettle. Sip on a real cup of glühwein or mulled wine, looking across the charming wooden huts dotted around the square, while you decide whether to queue for one last sausage. The scene is like many others that unfold in cities across Germany during the holidays, with one notable exception: You’ve just passed through customs, grabbed your bag, and are walking out of an airport terminal. Also called Franz Josef Strauss, it packs some pretty serious food and drink all year round. For starters, it has its own on-site brewery, Airbräu, whose seasonal and wheat beers are poured alongside traditional Bavarian fare in its 400-seat beer pub in the center of the airport.

It is the only restaurant in the world with a Michelin star, inside the Hilton Hotel next to Terminal 2. It is a good argument to stay at the airport overnight and dine at the Mountain Hub Gourmet before an early flight The restaurant offers a four- or six-course tasting menu based on regional products: Penzing omelette; beef from Bärnau. As you lounge by the fire and dine on elegant dishes paired with German wines, including some stellar choices, from the restaurant’s impressive wine cellar, it’s easy to forget you’re in an airport.

A variety of dining options

Of course, there are the obligatory international fast-food chains, but you can also find well-represented local breweries such as Hofbrau, Erdinger and Paulaner, as well as an outpost of gourmet deli Dallmyer. The mother ship in Munich is one of the largest delicatessens in Europe and the airport location has a patisserie, café and bistro. Are you ready for this summer vacation yet?

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