Inici » Abderrahim Ougra defends himself and apologizes for running away from anti-doping control

Abderrahim Ougra defends himself and apologizes for running away from anti-doping control

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The athlete from Girona says that he is ready to undergo any test and that he reacted badly to feeling unfairly treated

“I am very calm, I have nothing to hide; let them check me whenever they want» Abderrahim Ougra breaks his silence and explains his version of the events, after three days without making statements in which several news stories put him in the spotlight. The alert went off last Sunday when the athlete, a resident of Girona, escaped the anti-doping control when he was asked to finish the LIII Gran Premi de Cáceres cross-country at the Era de las Matas circuit in Malpartida de Plasencia , where he finished fourth in the men’s category of one of the most important competitions in the cross-country athletic calendar.

This newspaper was able to speak with Ougra, who was “stunned” by the reports that said he had been “incommunicado” since then. He says that his phone was damaged, losing all contacts, and emphasizes that “I have continued with my daily work, I am not on the run”. At the same time, he admits that “I’m a person who usually keeps problems to himself and there have been difficult days”: “I feel depressed because I don’t know how to solve it, I feel very bad about the way I acted out of control. I regret it enormously.”

The reasons for his escape

Ougra is self-critical and admits that “I did it very badly”. Next, he explains the reasons that led him to flee the circuit of Malpartida de Plasencia. “At the test there were many Olympic athletes and those who have world championships, but they only called me… Three people came to find me to go to the anti-doping control and, because it seemed unfair to me, I got angry and I left Even now I don’t understand why I reacted like that, but it worked out for me. I was very anxious”, he explains.

The athlete from the Valencian club Fent Camí Mislata and former GEiEG points out that he has contacted the Royal Spanish Athletics Federation (RFEA) and the Catalan Athletics Federation (FCA) to ask for “forgiveness” from the authorities . “I will do what is necessary. I am ready to submit to the anti-doping control every day, if necessary. I am very calm that I am clean”, he says.

The consequences of his attitude

At the moment, Ougra’s behavior has had serious repercussions. The Personal Best Management agency, which represented him since 2021, has severed relations with the athlete, while the FCA has also issued a statement condemning the events and withdrawing him from the Spanish Cross Country Championship for Federations with the Catalan national team, which will be contested next week. “Sportspeople who do not promote a clean and fair sport must be excluded from the athletic field”, ruled the Catalan organization.

For its part, the GEiEG also spoke out recalling that “Ougra ceased to be part of the club’s discipline on January 1, 2023”.

Awaiting the official statement from the RFEA, Ougra faces a four-year sanction for escaping anti-doping control – the same as if he had tested positive. CELAD (A.E. Spanish Commission for the Fight Against Doping in Sport) can also intervene.

“I hope it can be resolved, I made a very serious mistake and I regret it”, sighs Ougra.

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