Inici » An accident on the Millennium bridge in Tortosa causes the death of two people

An accident on the Millennium bridge in Tortosa causes the death of two people

un cotxe de policia conduint per un carrer al costat d'un pont i un riu amb un pont al fons, Avgust Černigoj, behance hd, una foto d'estoc, superflat

A tragic accident

A patrol car of the Mossos d’Esquadra that was going to a service hit the moped occupied by the two fatal victims of the accident that took place this Monday night at the Mil·lenari bridge in Tortosa.

The team, which had its priority lights on, moved to the center of Jesús along the C-42 road, crossing the Ebre River. In the middle of the bridge, the vehicle ran over the moped, which according to several sources was driving without the lights on, an end that will have to be confirmed by the investigation opened by the local Tortosa police.

The victims and the rescue

The victims are two men, aged 22 and 41, residents of Roquetes. The latter fell into the river and his body was rescued by firefighters during the morning.

A total of 13 fire brigades started a search for the body and at around 2:52 a.m. one of the boats located it in the river, about 400 meters from the bridge from where the victim would have fallen. A GRAE diver made a dive to recover the body and perform the extraction.

The research device

The Fire Department received the warning of the accident at 11:56 p.m. this Monday. Amposta vehicles with rescue boards, GRAE divers, the Research Canine Group with sniffer dogs and light coordination and command vehicles have participated in the device.

A first search was started in an estimated area of ​​about 3.9 kilometers, between the Pont del Mil·lenari and Illa de Bous. From the boats, search sectors were established in the center of the river and on both banks, and searches were also carried out on land, on the banks.

At first an intensive and rapid search was made for the fall zone from the bridge. An extensive search was then started up to the Island of Vinallop with the boats and intensive along the left bank downstream with rescue boards. At 2:52 a.m. one of the boats located the body in the river, about 400 meters from the bridge.

The response of the emergency services

Two ambulances from the Medical Emergency System (SEM), the Local Police, who are investigating the accident, and members of the Mossos d’Esquadra have been dispatched to the scene.

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