Inici » An unforgettable day in Josa: a culinary meeting between kitchen geniuses

An unforgettable day in Josa: a culinary meeting between kitchen geniuses

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A dull and cool day in Josa

On Monday, June 10, Josa woke up to a cool, inclement weather. A spring drizzle fell over the village, creating a welcoming atmosphere. On the Cadinell, the peak that dominates the valley landscape, laughter and jokes could be heard among the locals. It was a special day, the day of the agape, a tradition that dates back to the ancient Christians.

Agape, a word of Greek origin that means fraternal meals, was used by ancient Christians to refer to meals shared by the community of believers. In Josa, one of the most beautiful towns in the world, this tradition was kept alive. The ancient lords of Josa, confessed Cathars, celebrated these agapes as a display of brotherly love. It was like sharing a rack of ribs, but with a spiritual touch.

The culinary meeting that gave rise to the agape in Josa

To understand the agape in Josa, it is necessary to go back a few months in time. Montse Ferrer, an expert in connecting people, managed to bring together Diego Alías and Martí Gozalbo, chef and head chef respectively, of the famous Ca l’Amador de Josa restaurant at the Camader de Estamariu. The renowned chef Mariano Gonzalbo, from the Lo Paller del Coc restaurant in Surp, also joined the meeting.

This meeting between Alias, Gozalbo and Gonzalbo, which took place on the Urgellet mountain, was the starting point for the agape in Josa. The spark of culinary creativity was lit and materialized in a unique event: a collaborative meal between the geniuses of Josa and Surp. This meeting was a manifestation of Pyrenean transversality, a meeting between friends around a large table.

A meal that will remain in memory

The agape food at Josa was simply spectacular. Each dish was an epiphany, a surprising experience for the senses. The exquisite flavors and impeccable presentation made this meal unforgettable. However, I will not reveal all the details, since my colleague Víctor Antich will be in charge of writing a detailed chronicle in due course.

An act of affirmation of the mountain country

The agape at Josa was much more than a meal. It was an act of affirmation of the mountain country, a recognition of the culinary and cultural wealth of the region. Despite the difficulties of reaching Josa from Surp, the call managed to bring together people from different places and cultures. Pallareses, Alturgellencs, Andorrans, Cerdans and many others came together around a table to celebrate the land and its products.

In Surp, with its twenty-three inhabitants, is the Casa Mateu cheese factory, famous for its blue cheeses. In Josa, with its seven inhabitants, is the Serrat Gros cheese factory, which paved the way for other cheese factories in the region. These entrepreneurs, full of talent and passion, represent the possibilities and entrepreneurial spirit of the mountainous area.

A country full of possibilities

The agape in Josa was a reminder of the endless possibilities the region offers. Between mountains and cheese, between Surp and Josa, there is a country full of talent and entrepreneurs willing to make their dreams come true. This culinary encounter was just the beginning of an apotheosis that is to come.

The meal at Josa ended with toasts, coffees, gin and tonics and some lit cigarettes. It was a moment of peace and camaraderie, where everyone could enjoy good company and reflect on the importance of valuing and protecting local talent. As the saying goes, to the health of the shooters who miss it. All will be well, and the agape at Josa will be remembered as a milestone in the region’s culinary history.

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