Inici » Conflict at the Seville Fair: City Council appeals rulings on ownership of booths

Conflict at the Seville Fair: City Council appeals rulings on ownership of booths

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The Seville City Council takes sides

The Seville City Council has made a decision in the conflict over the ownership of booths 173, 175 and 177 of the Seville Fair. The dispute involves the Muñoz Noguera family, related to the presenter Ana Rosa Quintana, and the current owners of the booths.

The council has chosen to appeal the non-final rulings of the Superior Court of Justice of Andalusia (TSJA) that favored the Muñoz Nogueras, who sought to recover the modules that made up their shed before 2022.

This decision is added to the appeals presented by the current owners, who acted on their own due to the uncertainty generated in recent months.

Background and arguments

The Muñoz Noguera family requested the return of their license after submitting the renewal application after the deadline. The rulings held the City Council responsible for not having communicated the new deadlines for renewal, misleading applicants by not having held the Fair in 2021 due to the pandemic.

On the other hand, the current owners of the affected booths defended their position, arguing that they had not acted incorrectly and that they did not deserve to lose their license after enjoying it for two years and waiting almost 30 years to obtain it.

Response from the City Council

At a Government Meeting, the City Council agreed to file an appeal against the sentences before the Supreme Court independently. The lawyers of the current owners also presented an appeal in defense of their interests as holders of the administrative license from 2022.

After receiving the sentences against them, the owners of the booths opened the deadline for the City Council to appeal. The Major Festival delegation confirmed that the local government appealed the provisional execution claimed by the Muñoz Nogueras to have an immediate refund at the last Fair.

Next steps and expectations

The owners of the affected booths hope that the Supreme Court will admit the cassation to be processed, which could take a few months. Furthermore, the admission to processing of the private appeal of the casetas’ lawyers would represent a legal milestone favorable to legal certainty and equal treatment before the law.

Those affected trust that Justice will put an end to the nightmare they have experienced in recent months, while they acknowledge feeling relief and expectation after the support of the City Council.

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