Inici » Discover ‘From Tomorrow’, the new series by Álex González and Marta Hazas on Disney+

Discover ‘From Tomorrow’, the new series by Álex González and Marta Hazas on Disney+

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Álex González and Marta Hazas present their new series in ‘El hormiguero’

Álex González and Marta Hazas have been invited to the program ‘El hormiguero’ to present their latest television production. This is ‘From Tomorrow’, a supernatural drama series that will be available on the Disney+ streaming platform starting this Wednesday.

A mother with an unknown ability

The plot of the series revolves around a mother who discovers an unknown mineral after moving to her new house. This mineral grants him the ability to see fragments of the future, including the death of her own daughter. With the help of a police officer who has experienced something similar, the protagonist will fight to change the destiny of her daughter.

A thriller with love, action and intrigue

Álex González describes the series as a thriller that combines elements of love, action and intrigue, which makes it special and attractive to all types of audiences. With eight chapters, ‘From Tomorrow’ promises to keep viewers in suspense with its exciting and mysterious plot.

Opinions on the paranormal

During the interview in ‘El hormiguero’, both Álex González and Marta Hazas shared their opinions on the paranormal. Álex confessed that although he does not believe 100%, he has had experiences with psychics who have gotten some things right. On the other hand, Marta was more skeptical and believes that there are often rational explanations for what seems supernatural.

A series that unites hobbies

During the filming of ‘From Tomorrow’ in Bilbao, Álex and Marta took the opportunity to exchange hobbies and habits. Álex convinced Marta to join the gym and she introduced him to the world of pintxos. This common experience strengthened their friendship and enriched their time together during filming.

A funny anecdote

Álex González shared a funny anecdote about his relationship with the director and producer of the series, Dani Écija. There was a disagreement about whether Álex should grow a mustache for his character, but in the end he decided not to. Although at first he thought Dani’s mustache was unremarkable, he later realized that it was more prominent than he thought. This anecdote generated laughter on the set of ‘El hormiguero’.

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