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Expired tea: consequences and different types of tea

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In the kitchen of many homes there is usually a cupboard that is used as a storage for products that are not consumed often. Popcorn, biscuits or tea bags. This last product is likely to end up expiring, especially if you are more of a coffee drinker and only prepare infusions a couple of times a year. But what happens if the day you want to make yourself a cup of tea, the envelope you take is expired? These are the consequences of consuming expired tea.

What if you drink expired tea?

Unlike other products such as meat, vegetables or yogurts, tea is a product that never expires. But then why does it have an expiration date? Tea is a non-perishable product, meaning that it does not spoil. You could drink tea that is ten years old and nothing should happen to you. The product itself is not damaged. The expiration date actually indicates the time that must pass before the tea begins to lose its aromatic and taste qualities.

It’s not the same to prepare one with freshly harvested or purchased herbs, as it is to make it with an envelope from a plastic package that has been waiting patiently in your cupboard for four years. In the same way that a fresh vegetable from the neighbor’s garden is not the same as one bought packaged in plastic at the supermarket. The difference is that the vegetable spoils immediately and could harm your body, and the tea does not.

The only consequence that drinking expired tea would have is (not) enjoying a tasteless and odorless infusion

The only consequence that drinking expired tea would have is (not) enjoying a tasteless and odorless infusion. How spoiled the product is will depend on how it has been stored, how long it has been “expired” and what variety of tea it is. Some of the most common in our house are:

Too damn

It is one of the most common. Green tea has diuretic properties and many health benefits. It contains antioxidants and is light and herbal in flavor.

Black tea

Tasty and intense, it is one of the usual substitutes for coffee. It is perfect to drink first thing in the morning and as the name suggests, it is brownish black in colour.

I roig you

With an earthy taste, red tea, or red tea, is a derivative of green tea. It is believed to be the result of chance that it was discovered.

You white

A rather exclusive type of tea that is made using a certain unique process. It is light and has the highest levels of antioxidants.

The blue

A tea halfway between green and black. It is a moderate tea and stands out for being good for digestion.

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