Inici » Exquisite Signature Cakes at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Barcelona

Exquisite Signature Cakes at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Barcelona

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A Sweet and Exclusive Experience

The renowned Blanc restaurant, located in the prestigious Mandarin Oriental hotel on Barcelona’s Paseo de Gracia, presents a unique opportunity for pastry lovers. Until June 2, diners will be able to delight in a selection of exclusive cakes made by talented pastry chef Miquel Guarro. This ephemeral collaboration, known as ‘pop-up’, aims to bring haute pastries to the Barcelona public, offering a sweet gastronomic experience of the highest quality.

Dazzling Cakes

From 3:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m., every day until June 2, the Mandarin Oriental hotel offers the opportunity to taste some of the most exquisite pastries in the city. Miquel Guarro has created six small works of art with unique flavors, shapes and textures, each one hiding a world of sensations in every bite. Among the creations available are the black sesame charcoal with yogurt and yuzu, the Belize chocolate mirror with almond and cocoa nibs, the matcha green tea emerald, cherry and cherry blossom, and the coconut margarita, passion fruit, almond and Mezcal.

Creativity and Prestige

Miquel Guarro, recognized as one of the most prestigious pastry chefs on the Catalan gastronomic scene, presents his first solo project at the Blanc restaurant. With a career that includes experiences in emblematic places such as the Dos Cielos restaurant and the Hofmann school, Guarro has won the Lluís Santapau Competition for best chocolatier of the year in 2013. His ability to create cakes that look like authentic jewels has positioned him as a star in the world of baking.

Successful Collaborations

The Mandarin Oriental hotel has been the scene of successful collaborations with prominent names in Catalan pastry. Before Miquel Guarro’s ‘pop-up’, the Blanc restaurant has hosted creations by renowned pastry chefs such as Lluc Crusellas, recognized as the best chocolatier in the world. Each cake can be enjoyed for a price of €12, an experience that is undoubtedly worth sharing with family and friends to taste a variety of exquisite cakes.

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