Inici » Felipe Peraire makes his first major investment in shopping centers

Felipe Peraire makes his first major investment in shopping centers

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A new direction in Felipe Peraire’s investments

After enjoying a notable increase in his personal wealth, Valencian businessman Felipe Peraire has decided to make his first major investment in the shopping center sector. With an investment of 140 million euros, Peraire has acquired three important shopping centers in Spain, thus marking a significant change in its investment strategy.

The right time for investments in shopping centers

The shopping center sector is experiencing an exceptionally favorable moment, with notable growth in investments and sales. According to recent reports from real estate consultants, this sector has led investments in retail trade during the first months of this year, reflecting a positive trend and strong investor interest in this type of asset.

The resurgence of shopping centers

Experts point out that the shopping center market is experiencing a significant resurgence, with significant investor interest and an increase in the availability of this type of asset compared to previous years. This positive trend is driven by a combination of factors, including an attractive risk-to-return ratio, an increase in new store openings and strong operating performance from shopping centers.

Promising prospects for the future of shopping centers

Industry reports indicate that shopping centers continue to demonstrate great strength and resilience, with significant growth in leisure and entertainment store sales, as well as cafe and restaurant turnover. These promising data, together with a favorable economic and sectoral situation, position shopping centers as one of the most attractive real estate assets for investors.

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