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Guedes: Make Commitments Without Worries

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Gonçalo Guedes enthusiastically embraces his new stage at Villarreal

During his presentation as Villarreal’s recent signing, Gonçalo Guedes expressed his complete confidence in assuming important responsibilities within the team, turning what could be considered complicated into an opportunity for growth. He arrived in this market as one of the key reinforcements to change the irregular course of the Castellón team’s campaign.

“The responsibility does not intimidate me at all. I accept it. This is a highly professional club, with magnificent facilities, and I am excited to contribute to achieving significant things. Although physically I lack a little rhythm, I am confident that I will be ready to compete in the 90 minutes soon,” said the player.

The Importance of the Relationship with Marcelino García Toral

Guedes, on loan from Wolverhampton until the end of the season without a purchase option, highlighted the relevance of his relationship with coach Marcelino García Toral, with whom he shared two seasons at Valencia.

“Marcelino’s presence was decisive. We have a great connection. Now he asks me for a job, and I am going to reciprocate with my effort, contributing to the team,” said Guedes.

Illusion and debut in Villarreal

The Portuguese international, excited by his first minutes with Villarreal against Mallorca, commented: “Debuting at Villarreal was very special, with a vibrant stadium and an outstanding performance.”

“I followed Villarreal closely. Injuries have affected the team, but with the quality of the squad and the new reinforcements, I am sure that we will be competitive and we will right the course in the League,” he added.

Challenge against Barcelona

Before the next confrontation against Barcelona, ​​Guedes stressed: “Playing against Barcelona is always special. Despite its current situation, Barça is still Barça. It will be a complicated challenge, but we must face it with courage in search of victory.” .

In summary, Gonçalo Guedes faces his role at Villarreal with enthusiasm and determination, convinced that assuming responsibilities is key to changing the team’s dynamics.

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