Inici » Immunotherapy at the Igualada University Hospital: A year of innovative treatments

Immunotherapy at the Igualada University Hospital: A year of innovative treatments

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An accessible option for cancer patients

It’s been a year since cancer patients can receive immunotherapy treatments at the Igualada University Hospital. Previously, these treatments were carried out at the Duran i Reynals Hospital, in L’Hospitalet de Llobregat, and patients had to make long journeys to receive the treatment. Thanks to an agreement with the Catalan Institute of Oncology (ICO), the Oncology Day Hospital in Igualada can now offer this innovative therapy to cancer patients in the Anoia region.

Positive results and improved quality of life

During this first year of treatment, a total of 43 patients in Igualada have been treated with immunotherapy. These patients have been diagnosed with different types of cancer, such as lung, breast, head and neck, and gastric. The professionals of the Oncology Service are satisfied with the results and emphasize that patients have been able to receive treatment closer to their homes, avoiding travel and improving their comfort and quality of life.

Promising future for immunotherapy in Igualada

The Igualada University Hospital plans to continue administering immunotherapy treatments to oncology patients and expand their scope. The coordinator of the Oncology area of ​​the Anoia Health Consortium, Dr. Fermí Capdevila, emphasizes that this therapy will allow treating a wider range of types of cancer, improving care for patients in any situation.

Immunotherapy: a revolution in cancer treatment

Immunotherapy is an innovative treatment that stimulates the patient’s immune system to fight cancer cells. This therapy has become one of the most important advances in the field of oncology in recent years. There are different types of immunotherapy that are given depending on the type of tumor. In addition, this treatment can be used individually or combined with other drugs, such as chemotherapy.

Benefits of immunotherapy in Igualada

The application of immunotherapy at the Igualada University Hospital has represented a major advance in the treatment of cancer in the Anoia region. Patients no longer have to travel far from home to receive treatment, which improves their quality of life and that of their family members. In addition, this therapy will allow the scope of treatment to be extended to different types of cancer, offering an accessible option for cancer patients.

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