Inici » Independence is looking for a new strategy to mobilize voters

Independence is looking for a new strategy to mobilize voters

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Disorientation and fatigue

According to Josep Huguet, ERC historian, the electoral results are another step in the low moment that independence is experiencing. Huguet believes there is a lack of expectations and a sense of disorientation among pro-independence voters. In addition, he highlights the importance of unity among the pro-independence forces to achieve their goals.

Omnium Cultural as a meeting point

Sílvia Sanfeliu, president of Omnium Bages-Moianès, talks about the militant abstention as a sign of the demobilization of the people who feel represented by the pro-independence parties. Sanfeliu highlights the importance of Omnium Cultural as a meeting point for all independence supporters and the defense of language and culture as axes of mobilization.

The need to unify strategies

Various voices within independence, such as Joan Porras and Ramon Bacardit, highlight the importance of unifying strategies and reformulating leadership to overcome the current disorientation. They also emphasize the importance of maintaining individual nuances but working together to achieve common goals.

The reaction of the citizens

Roser Alegre, spokesperson for the Fem Manresa Municipal Group, believes that there is a widespread exhaustion of the pro-independence movement and that the reaction will come from the public. Alegre emphasizes the importance of finding common ground among supporters of independence and of mobilizing people to solve problems.

A necessary reflection

Several ERC representatives, such as David Saldoni and David Rodríguez, admit that a deep reflection is needed to find a new, clear and defined route to achieve independence goals. They highlight the importance of the rapprochement between pro-independence forces and the need to regain the confidence and motivation of voters.

The importance of unity of action

Eulàlia Sardà, president of Junts al Bages, and Montserrat Ribera, president of Junts al Berguedà, emphasize the importance of working with unity of action to achieve pro-independence goals. Sardà defends the need to have common goals and avoid disputes and lack of trust, while Ribera highlights the importance of motivating voters with a well-explained story.

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