Inici » Inter Milan leads representation in Euro 2024

Inter Milan leads representation in Euro 2024

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Inter Milan contributes the largest number of players

At Euro 2024, Inter Milan stands out as the club that contributes the most players, surpassing teams such as Real Madrid and Barcelona. With a total of 13 internationals representing various national teams, Inter Milan leads the way in representation at this high-level tournament.

Distribution of Inter Milan players in the Euro Cup

The 13 Inter Milan players participating in Euro 2024 are distributed across seven different teams, which highlights the club’s global presence in this tournament. Despite not having forwards in this competition, the Italian team has managed to stand out with a wide representation in the tournament.

Real Madrid and Barcelona also contribute numerous players

Real Madrid and Barcelona are not far behind in terms of representation in Euro 2024. Real Madrid contributes with 12 players, as do Paris Saint Germain and Manchester City. For its part, Barcelona, ​​despite the loss of Frenkie de Jong, contributes 11 players to this high-level tournament.

Record representation of Barcelona in the Euro Cup

Despite the unexpected loss of Frenkie de Jong, Barcelona’s 11 players set a new record for appearances in a European Championship. This achievement surpasses the historical record that dated back to 2000, demonstrating Barcelona’s outstanding presence in this international competition.

Global representation of other clubs at Euro 2024

In addition to Inter Milan, Real Madrid and Barcelona, ​​other clubs such as Paris Saint Germain, Manchester City, Bayern Munich, Leipzig, Arsenal, Roma and Juventus also contribute significantly with players to Euro 2024. This diverse representation of clubs in the tournament promises an exciting and global football spectacle.

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