Inici » Investigation: Arrested in Malaga for illegal trafficking of nitrous oxide

Investigation: Arrested in Malaga for illegal trafficking of nitrous oxide

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Five people arrested in Europe’s largest ‘laughing gas’ bust

The Civil Guard has arrested five individuals in Malaga in relation to the illegal transport and distribution of nitrous oxide, also known as ‘laughing gas’. This operation represents the largest seizure of this type of substance in Europe, with a total of 21,302 liters seized in metal bottles and cartridges.

Crime against public health and criminal record

Those arrested, of different nationalities, are accused of committing a crime against public health. One of them has numerous records for similar crimes. The investigation reveals that they were dedicated to the illegal transportation and distribution of nitrous oxide in nightlife venues in the province of Malaga.

Research development and modus operandi

The investigation began in February, when the authorities became aware of a group of people carrying out illicit activities in an industrial warehouse in Alhaurín el Grande, Málaga. The warehouse was used to store nitrous oxide bottles, and it was observed that numerous rental vehicles arrived at the location during the night to avoid detection. These vehicles were loaded with the bottles and later distributed the substance in nightlife venues on the Malaga coast.

Measures to avoid police action

To avoid being detected by the authorities, those involved used a shuttle vehicle that alerted them of possible police controls. In this way, they ensured the transportation of merchandise without interruptions. This strategy allowed them to take advantage of commercial inactivity in the industrial estate at night.

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