Inici » Listen to Hugo: Guarantee of Stability in the Team

Listen to Hugo: Guarantee of Stability in the Team

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The Importance of Listening to the Players

In Valencia, we often forget the vitality that comes from listening to the players in the press room. However, the revelation comes when listening to Hugo Duro in Paterna, where significant aspects are revealed.

Values ​​Instilled by Pipo

During the preseason, in the midst of changing the locker room, coach Pipo made an effort to transmit values ​​to his young players. In the previous interview with some players in Saint Gallen, Baraja requested realistic speeches aligned with the team’s reality.

Six months later, Hugo Duro confirms that Pipo has managed to get the locker room to adopt these values. This achievement is the key to the team’s success, now surprisingly positioned in European positions.

The Wardrobe Fortress

“Baraja is fair,” says Duro. The commitment to the coach is palpable: “We are going to the death with Baraja.” The team is presented as more than a set of players; They are friends united by humility and the desire to demonstrate their abilities.

“We are a hard-working, young group and we all want to show,” says Duro. The collective mentality is clear: “There is no star who can stop running.” European ambition mixes with prudence.

Pipo’s Tireless Work

This success is not a miracle, but the result of Pipo’s hard work. The stability of the team is evident when listening to a player who has internalized these values. The certainty is clear: this team can win, draw or lose, but it will never fall apart. How valuable is this commitment!

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