Inici » Malamort: A mysterious and fascinating work

Malamort: A mysterious and fascinating work

una dona de peu en un bosc amb arbres al fons i un sòl del bosc amb herba verda i arbres, Clarice Beckett, imatge promocional, retrat d'un personatge, naturalisme

An intriguing proposal for the Greek Festival

Sala Beckett presents one of its most fascinating bets for the Greek Festival: Malamort, a work written by Daniela Feixas. This play, which will be on until July 28, offers a unique and mysterious theatrical experience.

Exploring loss obliquely

According to the author, Daniela Feixas, Malamort is a work that arose as a result of a personal grief. This experience influenced his writing and directed the play towards the exploration of loss. However, the way the play approaches this theme is oblique and mysterious, keeping the audience’s attention throughout.

A mysterious environment: the forest

The work takes place in a mysterious environment: the forest. This is not the first time that the author has used this imagery in her works. The forest has already been present in other works by Daniela Feixas, such as El bosc (2011) and La dolça Sally (2008). This enigmatic and fascinating environment creates a unique and captivating atmosphere for viewers.

Intriguing and mysterious characters

Malamort features a series of intriguing and mysterious characters. From the haunting digger to the teenage protagonist, all the characters have a fascinating presence in the play. The author invites us to delve into their lives and discover their secrets and mysteries.

A captivating atmosphere

The scenography, lighting and sound space contribute to creating a captivating atmosphere in the work. The scenographer Anna Tantull has recreated a piece of forest in the lower room of the Beckett, transporting the spectators to this mysterious environment. Sylvia Kuchinow’s lighting and Judit Farrés’ sound space complement this atmosphere, creating an immersive theatrical experience.

A work to reflect on

Malamort is a work that invites viewers to reflect on themes such as loss, mystery and human nature. With an intriguing plot and fascinating characters, the play captivates the audience from beginning to end. It is a unique theatrical experience that will not leave you indifferent.

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