Inici » Picanya celebrates the 5th Horta Sud Community Meeting

Picanya celebrates the 5th Horta Sud Community Meeting

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Sports event in Picanya

Last Saturday, Carrer Major and Sant Francesc de Picanya were the scene of the 5th Horta Sud Community Meeting. This sporting event brought together more than 150 players of all ages and playing levels from 17 schools and ball clubs in the region.

Great participation and diversity

The meeting had the participation of women, men, girls and boys from the schools and clubs of Alcàsser, Aldaia, Alginet, Godelleta, Manises, Marquesat, Massamagrell, Meliana, Moixent, Montserrat, Nàquera, Picanya, El Puig, Tamborí , Tavernes Blanques, Torrent and Vilamarxant. This diversity of participants enriched the event and demonstrated the passion and interest for Valencian football in the Horta Sud region.

Support from the authorities and entities

The 5th Horta Sud Association Meeting was supported by the Horta Sud Intermunicipal Association, the Picanya Town Council, the Picanya Valencian Football Club and Caixa Popular. During the event, several authorities were present, such as the president of the Horta Sud Intermunicipal Association, José Cabanes, the mayor of Picanya, Josep Almenar, and other professional Valencian ball players.

Success of the meeting

The V Trobada Mancomunitat de l’Horta Sud was a resounding success, with great participation and a festive and sporting atmosphere. This event concluded the Valencian ball season in the Horta Sud region and demonstrated the importance and growth of this sport in the area.

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