Inici » Presentation of the book about the magazine ‘Albor’ in Manresa

Presentation of the book about the magazine ‘Albor’ in Manresa

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The Espai Òmnium in Manresa will host the presentation of the book ‘Albor’

The Espai Òmnium in Manresa will be the setting for the presentation of the book ‘Albor. The voice of the boys and girls of Súria in the time of war’, written by the teacher and psychopedagogue Magda Esquius. This event, organized by Súria City Council and Òmnium Bages-Moianès, will take place this Wednesday at 7 p.m.

A work that explores a pedagogical experience during wartime in Syria

The book ‘Albor’ narrates a pedagogical experience that took place at the Súria school during the war years. Following the Freinet method, this innovative proposal transformed the classroom into a space for exchange and natural learning. The author, Magda Esquius, analyzes the publication and the era, offering a unique view of the country’s history.

The magazine ‘Albor’ and its importance in the lives of the boys and girls of Súria

During the years 1937 and 1938, twelve issues of the magazine ‘Albor’ were published, in which eighty-five students between the ages of seven and fourteen participated. This publication was a fundamental part of the life of Suria boys and girls during the war. Unfortunately, after the war, the master who initiated the project was severely suppressed.

The demographic and educational context of Súria during those years

During the war years, Suria experienced a population increase due to the discovery of the potash mine. This situation highlighted the importance of meeting the educational needs of the inhabitants. Albor emerged in this context, influenced by the currents of the New School that marked the era of the Republic.

The importance of the magazine ‘Albor’ as a witness to the history of Súria

The school magazine ‘Albor’ is a valuable witness that allows us to know a part of the history of Súria that until now had been almost ignored: the life of its children in times of war. This publication is the only surviving document from Suria during the years 1937 and 1938, and has been used to understand this specific episode in the country’s history.

The authors of the book

Magda Esquius, author of the book, is a teacher and psychopedagogue with extensive experience in the educational field. He has worked for 41 years in schools and centers in Sabadell and other towns in Bages. The other author, Joan M. Serra, is a historian and high school teacher, specializing in geography and history. Both authors provide a complete and rigorous view of the subject of the book.

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