Inici » Presentation of the Regional Ball Championship in Ondara

Presentation of the Regional Ball Championship in Ondara

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Start of the Regional Championship of Big Ball

Last weekend, the starting shot was given for the 6th Regional Big Ball Championship at the Ondara rink. The matches began with the Veterans categories, marking the beginning of an exciting competition.

Importance of the Celebration

The vice-president of the Valencian Handball Federation of recovering modalities, Bea Gavilà, together with the mayor of Ondara, José Ramiro, and the sports councilor of Marina Alta, Lluís Fornés, presided over the opening ceremony. All three highlighted the importance of these championships of modalities in recovery and their impact as an example for young people.

Featured Statements

The mayor of Ondara, José Ramiro, expressed his satisfaction for hosting this event, highlighting the importance of the big ball as an inclusive and accessible modality for all. On the other hand, Bea Gavilà underlined the increasing participation, especially in the female category, emphasizing the visibility that is being given to this modality in recovery.

Competition and Participation

During the presentation, the official shirts were handed out to the participants and the first matches of the Veterans category were played, both at the Ondara pitch and at the Parcent pitch, with the participation of six teams in sub-categories A and B. The rest of the championship categories will be in action throughout the month of September.

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