Inici » The Deep Friendship and Support of Cristina Castaño towards José Luis Gil

The Deep Friendship and Support of Cristina Castaño towards José Luis Gil

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A Friendship Forged in Fiction

Cristina Castaño, known for her role as Judith Becker in the popular series La que se avecina, has shown deep friendship and loyalty to one of her castmates, José Luis Gil, who played the character of Enrique Pastor.

The professional relationship between Castaño and Gil, which began as a fictional romantic relationship in the series, has transformed into a solid and touching friendship. After Gil suffered a stroke at the end of 2021, Castaño has been by his side, caring for him and sending him encouragement, thus demonstrating a genuine and lasting friendship.

A Deep Connection

The friendship between Cristina Castaño and José Luis Gil was forged in La que se avecina, where their characters lived a relationship that ended with the arrival of a child. This dynamic in fiction laid the foundation for a deep connection in real life.

Castaño has described Gil as one of the best colleagues he has worked with and has publicly expressed his love and affection for him on numerous occasions. Since Gil’s stroke, Castaño has been in constant contact with him and his family, closely following his recovery and respecting his need to stay away from the media spotlight.

Public Displays of Affection

In her public interventions, Cristina Castaño has expressed words of enormous affection towards José Luis Gil, stating that she loves him deeply and that he is one of the people she carries for life. In addition, on his social networks, he has shared posts dedicated to his friend, thus demonstrating the strong connection between them.

These public displays of affection have served to remind fans of the two actors of the strong connection that exists between them, a connection that is impossible to break.

The Hope of Meeting Again

Castaño has expressed his hope to see José Luis Gil again on stage and in daily life, wishing for his speedy recovery. As her recovery continues, the support of friends and colleagues like her is critical, and Castaño’s support is sure to be an important pillar for Gil.

On several occasions, Gil has highlighted the affection he has for Castaño, even going so far as to define her as “the red-haired goddess”, thus demonstrating the deep respect and admiration he feels for his friend.

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