Inici » The dilapidated buildings in Manresa make access to Plaça Major difficult

The dilapidated buildings in Manresa make access to Plaça Major difficult

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Increase in Circulation Affects

Traffic in the Old neighborhood of Manresa has increased after the recent collapses in the buildings on Carrer Sant Andreu and Carrer Sobrerroca. The two streets have been closed for safety reasons and to allow the works relating to the properties to be carried out.

While the work is going on, to access Plaça Major you will have to go through Carrer del Carme and Carrer Cap del Rec, the direction of which has been reversed.

The road closures, which start at Plaça Hospital and extend to Carrer Sobrerroca, have caused the only access to Plaça Major and the Town Hall to be suspended.

Changes in the Sense of the Streets

The local government has chosen to change the direction of Carrer del Carme and Carrer Cap del Rec, which have always been the exit from the square, to allow all drivers coming from Plaza Europa to pass through this point in the historic center .

Therefore, you can access Plaça Major without having to go through the photo control on Calle Sobrerroca, next to the Graner restaurant.

New Vehicle Access

The City Council of Manresa has informed of the enabling of new vehicle accesses, such as that of Carrer de la Dama and Carrer Llussà that will be made from Plaça Europa and Carrer Joc de la Pilota, as well as the access and exit of vehicles to Plaça dels Drets on the same street as Joc de la Ballota.

Two Incidents in 12 Days

The first collapse took place last Monday, May 27, when the roof and the third floor of number 27 Sobrerroca Street collapsed into the building. Twelve days later, another roof and a floor of the building where the Fonda Roser Manila is located gave way on Calle Sant Andreu, just 60 meters from the previous one.

Currently, large tarpaulins cover the building where the first incident took place, where intervention is already underway to ensure the safety of the building itself and those nearby. The City Council technicians went to the Sant Andreu Street building yesterday together with the owner to assess the damage.

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