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The Evolution of Prices in Fine Dining Restaurants

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New Trends in Haute Cuisine

The restaurants that appear in gastronomic guides as outstanding worldwide are usually establishments recognized for their culinary excellence, offering tasting menus and presenting a high-level gastronomic proposal. It is increasingly common to find high prices in these establishments, reaching €100, €500 or even €1,000 for a menu.

Price Variations on Special Dates

Although there is a lot of talk about the usual high prices in these restaurants, not as much is mentioned about the price increases that some of them apply on certain specific dates. An example of this is the DiverXO restaurant, run by chef Dabiz Muñoz.

The DiverXO restaurant, located in Madrid and awarded three Michelin stars, is known for its avant-garde proposal and its menu called ‘The Kitchen of the Flying Pigs’, which costs €450. However, the interesting thing is that this price does not include the pairing, and if it had been enjoyed a few weeks earlier, the menu would have been €55 cheaper. This notable price difference is due to the sudden increase before The World’s 50 Best Restaurants gala.

The restaurant increased the price just before the gala, possibly anticipating a better result on the list, although this is just speculation. The truth is that from one day to the next, Dabiz Muñoz increased the price of the DiverXO menu by €55, going from €395 to €450. This price does not include wine, which must be paid separately. The pairing costs between €300 and €600, which means that a full meal at DiverXO can cost up to €1,050.

Adjustments in Other Featured Restaurants

DiverXO is not the only restaurant that has changed its prices. Enjoy, recently named the best restaurant in the world, has also increased the cost of its experience, although in this case the increase was just €5, accompanied by the addition of an additional dish.

It is important to note that the total price of both menus varies, being €450 in Madrid and €295 in Barcelona. In addition, the pairing at DiverXO costs between €300 and €600, while at Disfrutar it is €165. Despite these differences, both restaurants remain on the list of the 50 Best Restaurants, with DiverXO occupying fourth place and Disfrutar in first place.

On the other hand, Enjoy offers an additional option that DiverXO does not have: a special menu in a private room with an exclusive kitchen, with a cost of €1,055 per person, decreasing the price per head depending on the number of diners, with a maximum of 6 persons. The €5 increase in the price of the menus at Enjoy applies to all options: Classic menu, Enjoy menu, Special menu Table m#01 the Living Table and wine pairing.

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