Inici » The GOB criticizes the consequences of the Government’s new regulations

The GOB criticizes the consequences of the Government’s new regulations

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The GOB expresses its concern about the consequences of the new regulations

The recent text published by the Government, which modifies more than 50 rules, has generated great controversy. According to the GOB Mallorca, this new regulation has serious consequences for the protection of natural resources and the soil. In addition, they consider that this measure is anti-democratic and represents a substantial change in the existing regulatory framework.

The GOB criticizes the lack of justification for the urgency in passing the decree-law

The GOB points out that the decree-law does not adequately justify its urgency beyond the avoidance of social and political debate. They consider that this lack of justification is an anti-democratic measure and that it does not respect the existing regulatory framework.

The GOB is preparing a letter to send to the President of the Spanish Government

The GOB is working on the arguments to motivate a letter that will be sent to the president of the Spanish Government, Pedro Sánchez. In this letter, they will state the reasons why they consider the new regulations to be unconstitutional and affect the principles of equality, security, non-regression and environmental protection.

The GOB criticizes several aspects of the new regulations

The GOB highlights several aspects of the new regulations that they consider problematic. Among these aspects are the elimination of the Environment Commission, the legalization of buildings in rural areas, the construction of new parking lots on saturated beaches and the modification of the Biosphere Reserve Law. They also criticize the disarticulation of the Popular Legislative Initiative promoted by the GOB and the possibility of building in Risk Prevention zones.

The GOB highlights the lack of urgency and the lack of protection of territorial values

The GOB argues that these aspects of the new regulations do not have a real urgency or represent an administrative simplification, but represent a lack of protection of the territorial values ​​of the islands. They consider that this lack of protection is a democratic deterioration and endangers the islands’ natural resources and soil.

The GOB takes action to protect the territory

The GOB has decided to appear in front of all the town councils of the Islands as an interested party in all legalization files for constructions in rural areas. They consider that these legalization procedures are opaque and there are suspicions of fraud in some cases. In addition, they emphasize that the buildings that are intended to be legalized must comply with certain conditions and that agricultural buildings or ruins cannot be converted into new homes.

The GOB exercises its right to access planning files

The GOB remembers that it has the right to access the planning files and is making use of this right to be considered an interested party in all the legalization files that are processed. This implies that no file can be resolved without transferring it to the entity and no authorization can be considered valid until it is formally notified to the GOB.

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