Inici » The majesty of the British crown and its residence at Sandringham

The majesty of the British crown and its residence at Sandringham

un gran edifici amb una gespa massiva al davant i molts arbres al voltant al mig del dia, Edmund Greacen, fantàsticament cridaner, un barroc flamenc, moviment d'arts i manualitats

A royal haven in Norfolk

The British Crown owns impressive properties across the United Kingdom, and one of the most unique is the Sandringham resort in Norfolk. This estate, which covers 32 square kilometers, is located in a privileged environment and is one of King Charles III’s favorite places to isolate himself from the world when he wishes. Although the king seeks privacy, the royal residence of Sandringham constantly attracts local and foreign tourists, who pay a good sum to stroll around. The entrance price is approximately €40 per person, not including food or drinks. Additionally, additional services also come at a considerable cost, making the visit quite expensive.

A real culinary experience

Sandringham Royal Restaurant prides itself on offering sustainable, healthy and locally sourced food. The ingredients used in their dishes come from the farm’s pastures and orchards. The monarch, known for his concern for food and respect for animals, has introduced changes to the palace diet to promote more conscious practices. However, this does not mean that he has given up culinary pleasures, including fast food. King Carlos III has launched a new line of hamburgers in his establishment, which combines quality and speed (

An irresistible offer

The British newspaper ‘The Sun’ has highlighted the new offering of the Sandringham royal restaurant, which will surely increase the bill of families visiting the estate. The burgers are offered at a price of €20, which is not bad at all considering that they are made with high quality beef, lamb and venison. These burgers are not conventional, as they are accompanied by ingredients such as mint, thyme, rosemary, tzatziki sauce, red cabbage and French fries. Each has its own special touch, like a beer-based sauce for the beef burger, or a chutney of mango, garlic, Worcestershire sauce and oregano for the venison burger. Those who cannot decide can opt for a tasting of the three options. In addition, two drink options are offered: IPA or bitter beer, for an additional cost of €10. Without a doubt, a real culinary experience worth trying.

Additional options

If Charles III’s burgers aren’t to your taste, Sandringham’s royal restaurant also offers a traditional menu with classic sandwiches and British soups. Although these are not extravagant dishes, they guarantee a gastronomic experience worthy of English royalty (

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